Reki Women's Gore-Tex® Eco-Friendly Felt Boots Nude Felt/Chestnut Terra Pomarfin Oy Mid-Length Women

$90.38 $120.5
The REKI GORE-TEX® winter boot offers the ideal combination of winter grip, ankle stability, and foot insulation, in a versatile mid-length snow boot design.
Nude Felt/Chestnut Terra
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  • UPPER MATERIAL: Nude wool felt and pull-up chestnut eco-friendly terracare® leather. Sand woolmix collar. 
  • TERRACARE® LEATHER:  Tanned in environmentally advanced and socially conscious way in Germany
  • GORE-TEX® PARTELANA LINING: Waterproof and insulating, warm woolmix lining designed for cold winter conditions         
  • REMOVABLE COMFORT INSOLE: Comfort for your feet!
  • ADVANCED NORDIC GRIP+ SOLE: Excellent winter traction, soft grippy TR-rubber compound and aggressive ridged non-slip tread pattern  
  • WINTER PROTECTION: Cold weather rated to -35˚C
  • LACES: Adjust to fit for your feet
  • ZIPPER: Quick and easy to put on / take off
  • WIDE FITTING: Generally we suggest that you choose your regular size in this style. It has a comfy last and room for toes. In case you have narrow feet or size between two we suggest you choose the smaller size. If you need more width you can remove the insole or replace it with a thinner one. More tight feel you’ll get by replacing then insole with thicker one of placing an additional flat and thin insole under the current one.
  • PULL-UP LEATHER: Due to its scratch-sensitive finish, the Pull-up leather quickly develops a vintage-patina, this is a desired effect. The patina arises with natural use i.e. folding, scratching and stretching while walking. Use in rain and snow also adds to the unique patina building, as liquids darken the leather.
  • TERRACARE® LEATHER: The most eco-friendly leather you can use in shoemaking. It is tanned in Germany by Lederfabrik Josef Heinen taking into account environment and animal welfare. Read more here: TERRACARE TERRACARE®  leather has a two-tone effect and natural appearance. Leather is not even and any visible imperfections are not defects. Leather has been made so, that the natural feel of the leather remains and its breathability is high. For this reason there is not a thick protective paint layer on top of it. This type of leather is softer and easily develops a patina from scratches.
  • SHOE CARE: (Terracare Leather areas only!) You can use wax-leather cream to treat the leather areas of your boots. There are also protective sprays and gels available for wax-finished leather. Express shoe polishes should not be used for wax-finished leather.

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